Tips for Hiring a PR Agency

For companies and brands to succeed today, selecting the right public relations agency has become critically important to grow your business. A PR agency is responsible for your company and brand reputation through paid, owned and earned communications. It’s their job to decipher strategic insights that differentiate you from your competition, and create a framework of compelling messages and stories that build emotional connections and experiences with key stakeholders. 

Today there is no single approach to working with a PR agency. But here are some strategic considerations to think about before hiring the right partner. 

  1. Create A Brief – Too often marketers only think about developing creative briefs for advertising agencies. In order for a PR agency to do the best job possible, they need to understand what your company and brand goals are, what you want to accomplish and a timeframe in getting there. Start by asking yourself what is your business challenge. Then think about crafting the right messages, stories and other tactics to build a communications plan. Taking the time to create a brief at the beginning of any relationship will pay huge dividends later on.
  1.  Chemistry/Fit: Make sure you know the account team that will work on your business. Share with them your company and brand history. Discuss where you came from and where you are headed. Ask yourself if they have a like-minded business approach to tackle your issues and goals. 
  1. Share Your Budget: Clients who share budget parameters upfront will always receive better agency strategic thinking and executional ideas to generate awareness, trial and assist in sales goals then those that don’t. It cuts out the guess work and guides better expectations from both sides.
  1. Discuss Expectations: Tie these directly back to you creative brief. Before your communications plan, strategies and tactics are complete, build KPI’s into your plan that are tied to measurable results.

Remember, there are all types of choices today for selecting the right PR agency. But following these steps can ensure success for growing your business! 

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